PEUGEOT electric commercial vehicles: the same load capacity, no emissions

Commercial Vehicles PEUGEOT es una marca de referencia para todo tipo de profesionales y empresas. Su gama de vehículos comerciales es una de las más exitosas del mercado español gracias a sus prestaciones, su fiabilidad y, sobre todo, su enorme capacidad de adaptación a cualquier tipo de actividad.

Features that go beyond technology to reach the new generation of sustainable commercial vehicles, made up of the 100% electric versions of its medium and large-size vans and combis: the new PEUGEOT e-Traveler, e-Expert and e-Boxer. Soon, they will be joined by the PEUGEOT e-Partner * and e-Rifter *, which are manufactured in Vigo.

PEUGEOT is committed to electric vehicles that present the minimum possible differences with respect to their peers in the diesel and gasoline range. As can be seen in the PEUGEOT e-Traveler and e-Expert. Like the thermal versions of these models, they are sold in three sizes (Compact, Standard and Long). That translates into three cargo volumes, in the e-Expert or up to 9 seats, in the case of the e-Traveler. And all this with a maximum height of 1.90 m, which gives access to both models to the underground parking lots.

Peugeot e-Expert

He PEUGEOT e-Expert it also adapts to the needs of very diverse companies and professionals, thanks to the possibility of carrying out transformations through bodybuilders. Above all based on the Platform version (cold room, lifting basket). As in the thermal versions.

Peugeot e-Traveler

The same goes for the PEUGEOT e-Traveler. Thanks to its multiple configurations of sliding seats and the great modularity of its interior space, it can cover all kinds of uses as a family and professional vehicle. Without forgetting the needs of sports and leisure lovers. This new electric vehicle maintains the technology, the elegant design and the comfort of the thermal versions of this model. With the advantages of electric mobility: zero emissions, zero noise and unrestricted access to city centers.

As he PEUGEOT e-Traveler As the PEUGEOT e-Expert They allow you to choose between two battery capacities: 50 kWh or 75 kWh. Capable of reaching autonomies of 230 km and 330 km WLTP, respectively.

Peugeot e-Boxer

He PEUGEOT e-Boxer It is the electric version of the heavyweight of the PEUGEOT commercial vehicle range. Available with two levels of autonomy. Of 200 km and 340 km according to the WLTP protocol, it offers, as its thermal variant, up to 1,890 kg of payload and up to 17 m3 cargo volume. It maintains the useful performance and modularity that have been the basis for the success of the thermal versions of the Boxer. In addition to a great variety of silhouettes and transformations. With van bodies, cabin chassis, double cabin chassis and cabin platform.

Its range of batteries allows you to choose between two options. 70 kWh and 340 km of autonomy for lengths L3 and L4. And 37 kWh and 200 km for the shorter versions: the L1 and L2.

The electrification of the PEUGEOT commercial vehicle range will be completed in the coming months with the launch of the electric versions of the PEUGEOT Partner and Rifter, which are manufactured in the Vigo de Stellantis Center.

Peugeot e-Rifter

As in its thermal versions, the boot of the PEUGEOT e-RIFTER It has a cargo volume that ranges from 775 liters under the tray, in the standard length 5-seater versions, to 4,000 liters up to the roof, with the seats folded down in the long version.

It has numerous large and easily accessible slides. Up to 186 liters depending on the versions. They are distributed in the passenger compartment on the center console, on the roof tray, on the door panels, in the first and second rows and in the boot.


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