New Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4  At bad times, good face. Reliability, technology and performance to face the cold.

The New Peugeot 3008 HYBRID4 enters the range as the most performance and efficient option. To face icy or snowy roads, it incorporates its four wheel drive and its 300 hp. Compatible with emissions of 29 g / km of CO2.

In the technological section, the New PEUGEOT 3008 HYBRID4 launches driving assistance functions, rare in the SUV segment, such as the Night Vision system. Able to detect pedestrians or animals on the road more than 200 m away, at night or in poor visibility conditions.

The PEUGEOT SUV range also has equipment and driving assistance functions perfectly adapted to cope with the rigors of winter: ice, snow and low temperatures.

The winter of 2021 has brought with it snow, cold and ice in proportions that we have not remembered for a long time. The New PEUGEOT 3008 HYBRID4 is a reliable ally when tackling tough conditions. With the performance and sustainability of its latest generation plug-in hybrid technology.

This high-performance SUV offers 4 driving modes. And that can be chosen depending on the circumstances or preferences of each moment. Faced with winter challenges, it has 4WD mode, which provides a high level of safety and traction on the road or on difficult terrain to achieve perfect grip. Power is distributed evenly to the 4 wheels of the vehicle on snowy surfaces or on icy patches, with the additional possibility of being able to circulate with all-electric propulsion at low speed.


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