Peugeot e-EXPERT arrives in Spain

The new PEUGEOT e-Expert arrives in Spain with PEUGEOT's ambitious electrification strategy that extends to new segments with the launch of the PEUGEOT e-Expert, an electric 100% vehicle that meets the needs of professionals and individuals.

Offers two battery capacities (50 kWh or 75 kWh), capable of reaching autonomies of up to 230 km and 330 km WLTPrespectively, which are perfectly adapted to the daily use of this type of vehicle. Its range allows choose between three different lengths (Compact, Standard and Long), with three loading volumes. And all this with a maximum height of 1.90 m, which gives both models access to underground parking lots.

How version 100% electric of a commercial vehicle that has set a benchmark in the market, the PEUGEOT e-Expert feels comfortable in any situation and meets the needs of very diverse professions with a workspace that makes everyday life easier, a high level of technology and an unmistakable style.

Considering that almost 80% of commercial vehicle drivers travel, on average, less than 200 km per day, the electric version offers obvious advantages. Among them, the possibility of accessing city centers with increasingly restricted access. This new version maintains all the strengths of the PEUGEOT Expert, including the Compact version, unique in this segment, which is particularly suited to narrow streets, traffic and parking problems in urban centers.

It is capable of responding to all the needs of all types of customers without losing the performance of its thermal versions. They respond from the self-employed, to companies aware of the need to give a ecologically responsible image, without forgetting public administrations looking for a zero emission vehicle.

From € 32,600 applying campaigns and € 25,100 if we take into account the MOVES II Plan (Brand contribution + government aid).


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