The new Peugeot e-EXPERT has been awarded as "International Van of the Year 2021"

Peugeot e-EXPERT

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT has been awarded the 2021 “International Van of the Year” award. This award rewards PEUGEOT's commitment to a project at the heart of the brand's electrification strategy.

The Peugeot e-Expert is the sixth PEUGEOT model to be awarded the prestigious trophy: “International Van of the Year”. Since its creation in 1992.

Comfortable in any situation, it adapts to all professions. It has a workspace that makes everyday life easier, on-board technology and energetic style. Without a doubt, an interesting offer in the segment of compact vans with electric motor.

A perfect example of choice, the new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT offers:

  • 2 battery capacities, with a range that provide up to 330 km under the WLTP homologation cycle,
  • 3 body lengths (Compact, Standard and Long),
  • A towing capacity of up to 1,000 kg and a payload of 1,275 kg,
  • The same load volume as the version with combustion engines, up to 6.6 m³.

All the capabilities of the PEUGEOT EXPERT, now with zero emissions.


This acronym names the award for the “International Van of the Year”. The more prestigious award a commercial vehicle can receive. The winner is chosen each year by the votes of a jury. Composed of 25 international journalists (Europe, Russia and Turkey). They represent 25 specialized light commercial vehicle magazines.

The winning vehicle will be able to display the logo on its body of “International Van of the Year”. This award reflects Peugeot's commitment to its involvement in the e-EXPERT.

PEUGEOT has won this famous award six times. Since its creation in 1992:

  • 1994 with the PEUGEOT BOXER
  • 1997 with the PEUGEOT PARTNER
  • 2008 with the PEUGEOT EXPERT
  • 2009 with the PEUGEOT BIPPER
  • 2019 with the PEUGEOT PARTNER
  • 2021 with the PEUGEOT e-EXPERT

100% electric technology, the efficiency of the next generation electric van

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT is the first PEUGEOT electric vehicle to offers double autonomy. The capacity of lithium ion batteries is 50 and 75 kWh.

The versions (Compact, Standard and Long) reach an autonomy of up to 230 km. According to the WLTP homologation cycle. Available with the 50 kWh battery.

The Standard and Long versions are also available with a battery of 75 kWh. Autonomy of up to 330 km according to the same protocol.

Are offered two types of chargers. And charging solutions, with a 7.4 kW single-phase charger and 11 kW three-phase charger.

  • in a conventional power outlet (8A): full charge in 31 hours (50 kWh battery). Or 47 hours (75 kWh battery),
  • in a reinforced charging socket (16A): full charge in 15 hours (50 kWh battery). Or in 23 hours (75 kWh battery),
  • in a 7.4 kW charging station: full charge in 7h30 (50 kWh battery). Or 11h20 (75 kWh battery) with the 7.4 kW single-phase charger,
  • in a 11 kW charging station: full charge in 5h (50 kWh battery). Or 7h30 (75 kWh battery) with the 11 kW three-phase charger,
  • in a public charging station: the thermal regulation of the battery allows to use 100 kW chargers and reach the 80% of the charge level in 30 minutes (50 kWh battery) or 45 minutes (75 kwh battery).


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