PEUGEOT e-Traveler: The new way of traveling comes to Spain

The PEUGEOT e-Traveler is the 100% electric vehicle that meets the needs of comfort and interior space of individuals and professionals of passenger transport with the advantages of electric technology.

Three sizes available (Compact, Standard and Long) and two different autonomies (up to 230 Km and 330 Km). The PEUGEOT e-Traveler fits like a glove into everyday life and leisure.

For PEUGEOT, electrification is synonymous with choice. The PEUGEOT e-Traveler offers two battery capacities (50 kWh or 75 kWh), capable of traveling up to 230 km and 330 km WLTP, respectively. Offering a range that is perfectly adapted to the daily use of this type of vehicle. Like the versions of this model powered by a heat engine, its ranges allow a choice between three different lengths. Compact, Standard and Long, with up to 9 seats. And all this with a maximum height of 1.90 m, which allows easy access to underground parking lots.

Doing the weekly shopping, traveling with the family, going on excursions… the PEUGEOT e-Traveler adapts to all situations. Multiple sliding seat configurations and great modularity of interior space. It can cover all kinds of uses as a family and professional vehicle. Without forgetting the needs of sports and leisure lovers.

He PEUGEOT e-Traveler stands out for its elegance and interior comfort. The same ones that have made the thermal versions of this model a benchmark in the segment of multipurpose vehicles and VIP transport. This new electric vehicle maintains technology, elegant design, comfort and great modularity. But with the advantages of electric mobility. Zero emissions, zero noise and unrestricted access.

In tune with market expectations and with the various uses, the New PEUGEOT e-Traveler it is available in two ranges. Designed for the transport of people and leisure: Shuttle and Multipurpose Combi.

The shuttle version is designed for professionals and specialists in passenger transport. Taxi, VTC, hotels, airports ... It is sold in the Business finishes (between 5 and 9 seats).

It offers high-end comfort for its occupants, with easier access on board, thanks to the hands-free and motorized sliding side doors, both on the right and left side.

As for the Multi-purpose Combi version of the PEUGEOT e-Traveler, it is designed for individuals and is sold in the Active and Allure finishes. Available with between 5 and 8 seats, it responds both to the uses of families and to the needs of leisure and sports lovers, thanks to its multiple sliding and removable seat configurations. This flexibility allows you to make the most of the interior space and enjoy comfort. Children can play or draw on the airplane tables in the second row and be protected thanks to the side curtains. As in the Shuttle, access to luggage in the trunk is made easier thanks to an opening rear window, very useful when there is not enough space in the parking lot to open the tailgate.


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