PEUGEOT is once again the leader in the total market in Spain

Corporate There are no two without three: PEUGEOT is once again the leader in the total market for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Spain in 2020. For the third consecutive year, it has 90,533 registrations and a market share of 9.0%. In a year marked by the launch of the new 3008 and 5008. As well as, the consolidation of the 208 and 2008 and the arrival of electrified versions in its range.

In the month of December, PEUGEOT led the market with 11,131 license plates and a 9.1% share. Being also the first brand, both in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

In the 2020 PEUGEOT has renewed its leadership in Spain in the total market for passenger cars and commercial vehicles for the third consecutive year. With 90,533 registrations and a penetration of 9.0%, it surpasses its immediate pursuer by more than 11,100 registrations and 1.1 points in market share. Despite the fall in the Spanish market by 31.5% compared to 2019, Peugeot has fallen somewhat less, which has allowed it to slightly improve its market share by almost one tenth compared to the previous year.


In passenger cars, the brand has registered 65,697 registrations in the year. A figure that is equivalent to 7.7% of market share. By models, highlights the new PEUGEOT 20083008 and 5008. The PEUGEOT 2008 and 3008 are among the 10 best-selling models on the market, with a total of 29,876 registrations between them. Closing the year as leaders in this category.


In the commercial vehicle market, PEUGEOT electric vans e-Experte-Traveler and e-Boxer. In total, they reach 24,835 registrations and 15.4% % on the market.

PEUGEOT also ends 2020 as a leader in the electrified vehicle market. The brand has one of the most complete and diverse ranges, with 100% electric city cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles and plug-in hybrid sedans and SUVs. The 100 % electric versions of its proposals in segment B stand out. PEUGEOT e-208 and the SUV PEUGEOT e-2008, are at the top of the ranking. The same goes for the Hybrid versions of the PEUGEOT 3008 and 508 within the plug-in hybrid market.

In the words of the director of PEUGEOT for Spain and Portugal, João Mendes, “2020 has been an unusual, unforeseen year that has broken all our preconceptions. However, despite the circumstances, our business results have once again elevated us to market leadership and this fills us with optimism and pride. Peugeot is doing things well: this leadership is not only proof of the success of our innovative range of products and services, but also the consequence of the effort of a team determined to improve day by day and overcome unknown difficulties. And in this sense, our dealers deserve a special mention who, facing all kinds of adversities, have done a great job, responding to the needs of customers and providing them with an excellent quality of service. The time has come to change to continue advancing in an increasingly competitive and uncertain environment ”. 


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