The New Peugeot 508 receives the Stradivari Award for its high build quality

The New Peugeot 508 has been awarded the Stradivari Prize, awarded each year in Italy to the car that, presented throughout the year, stands out for the high quality of its architecture and construction. Inspired by Stradivarius violins, known and appreciated around the world as representatives of excellence in string musical instruments thanks to their unique architecture, the Italian magazine AutoCapital, organizer of this event, aims to seek these same values in the automotive sector . The award, presented at the Cremona Violin Museum, recognizes the enormous work of Peugeot's Design Directorate, the architect of this ambitious project, championing the brand's “Montée en Gamme” strategy.

The new flagship of the Marca del León constitutes a true revolution in the automotive world by incorporating new features into the concept of a high-end saloon, whose codes seemed set for a long time. The New Peugeot 508 profoundly renews the offer in this segment thanks to a very distinctive style, which combines dynamism and elegance, and a technological DNA that represents a new benchmark in this category. At the wheel, it offers a unique experience by incorporating the latest generation of the Peugeot i-Cockpit.®.

These characteristics, together with its extremely high constructive quality, have earned it the 2018 Stradivari Award, organized by the specialized magazine AutoCapital and presented at the Cremona Violin Museum, to the Communication Manager of Peugeot Italia, Giulio Marc d'Alberton.

The New Peugeot 508 has transformed the classic sedan concept, a not easy challenge, introducing an innovative design and a strong commitment to technology that goes beyond the standards of the segment, in addition to strengthening Peugeot's vocation to offer aesthetically beautiful cars and designed to enjoy both driving and traveling in them.

The audio equipment, signed by Focal, the world leader in acoustics, is another distinctive element of the New Peugeot 508, as it contributes to providing a high-quality on-board experience. This system has made it possible to obtain an impressive sound performance in the passenger compartment, helping to push the limits of on-board comfort beyond and achieving an intense and multi-sensory driving experience.

This car goes out to the conquest of a particularly demanding motorist, accustomed to a Premium product, based on the stylistic findings introduced in the most recent concept cars, such as the Peugeot Instinct, a prototype that has been an important milestone in the evolution of the design of the brand.

This profound renovation of the classic concept of the high-end three-volume saloon is evident from the first glance: its design is completely new and captures the eye for its wise combination of elegance and dynamism, two ingredients that are not always easy to understand. conjugate in this type of bodywork. This mixture of fluid and aerodynamic shapes that frame it in the universe of coupe also allows a reduced height, thanks to the absence of frames on the doors and windows. The end result is a fastback with a unique personality, with a very distinctive front end underlined by the new light signature, realized with the opalescent LED daytime running lights.

A beautiful form is nothing without substance. In this case, the New Peugeot 508, designed to compete at the highest level in a category in which technological performance is an essential element, also becomes a new benchmark. For the first time in the segment, the New 508 offers Night Vision, a system that, thanks to an infrared camera, allows to detect living beings in complete darkness, beyond the range of headlights. To this innovation must be added the active cruise control with Stop & Go function, which manages the speed of the vehicle depending on the distance of the car in front, and the Lane Positioning Assist, which keeps the New Peugeot 508 perfectly centered in its lane. acting directly on the steering wheel.

Fascinating on the outside, this vehicle is also spectacular on the inside with the most advanced version of the Peugeot i-Cockpit®, a concept that has revolutionized the driving experience thanks to a compact steering wheel, a 31.24 cm (12.3 ”) raised digital instrument cluster and a large 25.4 cm (10”) HD touchscreen on the center of the dashboard. The result: greater reactivity, control and therefore safety, with a high-level comfort that completes the great set of emotions that the New 508 offers its occupants.

Driving pleasure has always been part of the Brand's DNA and the New Peugeot 508 is no exception. The new flagship takes this characteristic to a new level with elements such as the multi-link rear axle, associated with a suspension with variable and piloted damping and a lightweight chassis with high torsional resistance, elements that allow to take full advantage of the performance of the different engines that equip the new Peugeot flagship.


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